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What is credit and what does it mean?

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Sometimes you may come across words you know well in a particular context, but are not really sure what is. One of these words is, for example, credit, where we experience many who ask themselves “What is credit really and what does it mean?”. The word credit itself means to trust, trust or lend, which […]

Credit for 12 years from now on offer

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Good Finance Group Credit Catalog Enriched for New Line of Non-Purpose Loan with Extended Maturity – 15 Year Credit Considering the fact that the standard of living in Croatia is low, a large number of citizens are in financial difficulties. 12-year credit has become one of the most sought-after lines of credit, most notably because […]

Take a look at Good Finance’s new Consumer Credit Law, which should banks’ arbitrariness

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  Amendments to the Consumer Lending Act, whose proposal will be brought before the Government tomorrow, would determine that loan agreements with more than 20 percent interest rates and a fiscal margin over the repayment period should not be regulated the maximum interest rate on home loans, limited the effective interest rate of consumer loans, […]