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Good Finance Group Credit Catalog Enriched for New Line of Non-Purpose Loan with Extended Maturity – 15 Year Credit

Considering the fact that the standard of living in Croatia is low, a large number of citizens are in financial difficulties.

12-year credit has become one of the most sought-after lines of credit, most notably because citizens have lately been focusing on reducing their overall monthly credit obligations.

Regular debtors who did not meet the criteria for refinancing loans were not able to extend the repayment period of the loan and thus reduce the amount of the monthly annuity, ie release most of their own monthly income.

Kuna loan with favorable interest rate for employees and pensioners


The maximum loan amount of HRK 220,000.00 can be realized by permanent and retired employees. At maturity of the last installment, loan participants may not be older than 70 years.

The loan is contracted in HRK at a variable nominal interest rate, which is 8.50% for bank clients and 8.90% for non-clients. The fee for the administrative cost of processing a loan is 2.0% of the approved loan amount.

Credit for foreclosure clients

Credit for foreclosure clients

A loan can close less of a clutter and clutter on a credit report. For this reason, the loan is placed with additional collateral such as a life insurance policy and a deposit.

Loans in the life of citizens of the Republic of Croatia become necessary. These are loans that can be partially or fully repaid early, usually without any fees.

The easiest way to overcome this recession is to contract a loan with the lowest possible monthly annuity.

Max. amount: 220.000,00 kn
Repayment period: up to 12 years
Annuity: HRK 2,442.12
Interest rate: 8.50% (EIR 9.60%)
Fee: 4.400,00 kn

In addition to the primary insurance instruments (Statement of Consent to Seizure of Receipts, Promissory Notes and Bills of Exchange), the loan also deals with a cash deposit or risk of a life insurance policy.

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